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Name: Bucket Elevator


Bucket elevator designed and manufactured based on national standards. Use high-strength conveyor belt, there two ways of discharge: centrifugal and mixed, can conveying material up to 40 meters in height (material: r ≤ 1.5, throughput: 4 ~ 240m ³ / h).

This machine is suitable for vertical conveying powder, granular, and small block material without abrasive or small abrasive bulk materials, such as grain, coal powder, coke breeze, cement, crushed ore, silicate and so on. The temperature of the material be transported normaally less than 80 ° C;  if selection of heat-resistant belt, the material temperature will less than 200 ℃.

Model  Power (kw) Capacity (t/h)
TDJ28×15 1.5 1-3
TDJ38×18 2.2-3 4-8
TDJ50×26 3-4 10-20