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Which fish feed pellet mill is good?
Make your own fish feed, low cost and good effect in feed fish pellet.
If you want to make your own feed pellets, which feed pellet mill effect good?
Today we simple introduction you the fish feed pellet mill:
In general requirements on the high production of feed pellets, select the ring die pellet mill is the ideal, because the ring die pellet mill concentrated feed effect is good. If the output requirements not high, you can choose small flat die pellet pellet mill,it is very economical.
In fact, the most important point is selected manufacturers.A good manufacturer, although the price is high, but cheap to use.The most important thing is quality, with no worries.Made out of particle effects.
Yulong machinery engaged in feed pellet mill 18years, its feed pellet machine high quality and inexpensive, with many years of reputation, zhangqiu Yulong machinery is the preferred manufacturer of aquaculture.