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what standard to classify for feed pellet machine
Feed machinery is generally terms for mechanical equipment, it can be divided into many types, and according to different classification, the specific species are also different.
According to different uses, it can be divided into feed crusher, mixer, feed pellet machine, cooling machine, drying machine, screener, elevator, blends premixer, feed line, pellet making line, premixer line. Between these machines, feed crusher, mixer, feed pellet machine, permixer and other related machine is belonged to light-duty machinery, others are heavy feed pellet machinery.
But others think this way is not science, it should be classified by different use, such as feed crushing machine, mixer, pellet machine, premixed feed machine is used for feed processing, so these are processing machinery. But cooler, dryer, screener, elevator is used to classify feed material, should belong to classified process machinery.
Feed pellet machine is used to make feed pellets, related machine is silo which can store material. For silo, the key point is the size, because there are many points can influence the silo size, so be sure to analyze the consideration to the final result. Reasonable silo not only save invest cost, but also high working efficiency. As you know, bigger capacity silo would increase the cost of construction, but too small can not meet the continuous production. Different feed making process, silo capacity select is different, such as if used to reserve the raw material, the silo capacity is no more than a month, concrete has a corresponding formula can be calculated, so as to ensure the effective performance of raw materials.