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What is raw material source for animal feed pellet machine
With the rapid development of animal husbandry in China, farmers feed structure has also changed, from the traditional feeding way to animal feed pellet slowly changing, so animal feed pellet machine is becoming more and more popular, then what is the raw material source for animal feed pellet machine? We can analysis from the following points.Feed raw materials mainly divides into the energy feed, protein feed, vitamin and mineral feed feed, energy feed mainly corn, also wheat, oats, rice, etc., these raw materials mainly provide energy.Protein feed mainly soybean meal and fish meal.Soybean meal is the most commonly used protein feed, but compared to fish meal,not high utilization.Feed mainly to add some synthetic vitamins powder.Minerals mainly feed calcium, phosphorus, and part of the micro-element such as iron, copper, magnesium, etc.The main indicators are energy, protein, amino acid content and effective phosphorus, calcium, methionine, lysine and so on.Of course every index has the national standard.
In addition, according to feed raw materials, it can be divided into five categories: animal, vegetable, microbes (such as probiotics), minerals (such as limestone powder) and artificial synthesis and semi synthetic (such as certain amino acids and other non-protein nitrogen content, fungicide, vitamins, certain drugs allows you to add).
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