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What brand Multifunctional pellet feed machine to choose ?
Multifunctional pellet feed machine just as its name implies is good function, the wide application, multi-use of pellet feed machine, universal pellet feed machine, micro feed pellet machine, small feed pellet machine, medium grain feed machine, large granular feed machine, etc. Don't look at it "petite, very powerful" multifunctional, pellet feed machine pressed out of pellet feed is not only rich nutrition, improve livestock palatability, increase animal feed intake, so as to improve the economic income of the farming users. Really is the "cash cow" of farmers. Multifunctional pellet feed machine can make cattle feed particles, sheep feed particle particle, chicken feed, pig feed particle, ducks feed particles, goose feed grain, fish feed particles, and so on. 
Which Multifunctional pellet feed factory good? With what brand? 
Multifunctional feed pellet machine should choose "yulong" brand. "Yulong" brand multi-function particles machine is the ideal equipment of animal husbandry and aquaculture, grain feed machine production and processing by raising the temperature of friction machine itself automatically, when pasting of material, a complete cure, granulating, smooth surface, moderate hardness, facilitate sealed storage, particle size can be according to the needs of users, control within 1.8 mm to 12 mm, "yulong" brand multi-function pellet feed machine has simple structure, wide applicability, small area, low noise. Under the extrusion of press roll , pellet out of the die mould hole , easily adjusted the pellet length, in processing granule feedstuff can mix additive drugs, less nutrient loss, the feed pellet machine processing feed pellets surface bright and clean, moderate hardness, deep internal curing. Dry into dry out, facilitate sealed storage, and can kill microorganisms germs. "Yulong" brand multi-function feed pellet mechanismmake the pellets with high hardness, smooth surface, internal curing fully, can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.