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Using feed machinery in spring could prevent disease and help breeding
It is warm in the spring. The pig, sheep and chicken etc. are easily sick. All kinds of viruses and bacteria is infested. We should to consider how to prevent. Firstly the breeding environment should be clean. Keep the sty clean,  disinfected and dried. Due to the lack of green feed in the winter, the farmers usually feed straw and hay class. If you do not deal with the feed by processing machines, the storage place definitely dirty and growth of bacteria. If feed sheep and horses, we can cut the straw into thin sections. If feed pigs, we could use the hammer mill to grind the straw. Centralized storage, clean environment.
Secondly strengthen management. Mix the concentrated feed and roughage according to proportion, both to meet the nutritional needs to ensure the growth of livestock, but also can improve feed utilization. In the winter should add bone meal and green forage. Different animals,different season and different growth cycle require different nutrient. Too many nutrients elements could choose the feed pellets. The feed pellets could meet the needs of most feeding.
Regularly disinfect colony house and utensils to keep the environment clean and dry. Prevent the multiple common sick. Note that, if there is a chicken, a pig is sick, be sure to find professional veterinarian to avoid large groups of disease.