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Use and Maintenance of Feed Pellet Mill in Winter
In the winter, feed pellet mill operation and maintenance decisions feed pellet mill production efficiency, as well as the cost of feed pellet mill. So, winter feed pellet mill operation and maintenance should be aware of what?
In the winter, use and maintenance of feed pellet mill must pay attention to several following points :
First, regular overhaul. Feed pellet mill launch the machine works with a powerful driving force. Because strong power security in order to achieve the ideal production. Strong Driving Force, together with continuous operating will cause a lot of risk. In order to ensure the rationalization of production of feed pellet mill, regular maintenance is necessary.
Secondly, the use of antifreeze - type lubricating oil. In winter, the temperature is too low, the grease solidifying, feed pellet mill will often start is difficult. Lubrication is not in right place, so that the damage of feed pellet mill driving parts. Therefore, the antifreeze - type lubricating oil and grease must be used.
Third, change the steam supplying way of the feed pellet mill. Production of feed pellets, it needs to use steam to increase the yield per hour, reduce the friction  of feed pellet mill wearing parts, strengthening the smell and taste of feed pellets. In winter, it must change the way the steam supply of feed pellet mill with temperatures low, achieving early steam supply, large pressure and early stopping steam supplying. To avoid the formation of mist in the feed pellet mill conditioner, causing conditioner frost gel ice.
Forth, replace the injured part of the feed pellet mill in time, to avoid bigger losses. 
Lastly, strictly control the feeding of raw materials of feed pellet mill, as far as possible to produce balanced feeding, stable production. 
The use and maintenance of feed pellet mill in winter is for normal production, is the primary method to reduce feed pellets production cost.