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The Use of Wet Feed Pellet in Fish Farming
Now the intensive fish farming is widely adopted around the world to meet people’s increasing demands of fish. However many fish farmers use the fresh trash fish and shrimps as fish feeds which increase feed cost, the harmful gas emission such as nitrogen and phosphorus, damage the marine fishery resources and restrict the sustainable development of ecological environment. So seeking environmental, high-efficiency fish feeds is critical. Researches show that the wet feed pellet has been gradually replacing the traditional trash fish as fish feeds.
Wet feed pellet is produced by mixing the fresh trash fish with the nutritional powdered compound feeds according to a certain of proportion, and extruded by the feed pellet mill. The water content is about 30 percents. 
1. The good palatability. Moist feed pellet has soft texture because of the high water content and the fishy taste so as to increase the fish intakes. 
2.The high utilization rate. The fish intakes rate can reach 80% and 90%, the residual bait quantity only takes one quarter of the trash fish feeds. 
3.The easy manufacturing. Liquid nutritions and necessary drugs can be added to the feed pellet to increase immune system and prevent diseases.
4.No reprocessing. Moist feed pellet with high freshness and balanced nutritions can be directly used to feed fish.
Scientifically feeding fish with wet feed pelletcan ensure the normal growth. Too much or too little feeding quantity will affect the normal growth. Fish farmers should control the feeding quantity and accordingly increase or reduce the quantity based on the growth stages, weather, water temperature and other situations. Fish feeding domestication should be operated to observe the feed intakes and growth situations. The feeding domestication can also save feed pellet, prevent the solution of nutrients, protect the water quality and improve the feed pellet utilization.
Feeding fish with wet feed pellet can stimulate feeding enthusiasm, ensure the normal growth. Wet feed pellet is the high-efficiency, safe and environmental compound feed that needs to be comprehensively promoted. Our company can supply the first-class fish feed pellet mill to produce wet feed pellets. All we do is to supply the beat quality fish feed pellet mills for our customers.