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The small straw feed pellet mill for home use
The small straw pellet mill different others pellet mill, it’s suitable for home, self-employed, farmer use, compared with the traditional pellet mill, it’s use range wider, higher safety factor, the models than the original compact, thereby reducing the covers an area of, also equipped with damping system, easy to use. the most important is modern small straw pellet mill, by the scientific design, greatly increased the output and pelleting smoothing, truly improve the capacity, quality assurance, and suppress the straw pellets are easily stored, ready to use, fast,practical and convenient.
The small straw pellet mill can help us solve questions: 1. Solving the pollution of straw burning 2. It’s not only press straw pellets for fuel, also can produce animal feed pellets, such as Piglet, duck, rabbit, sheep, and even water aquaculture feed pellets.