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The selection of the feed machine
Different functions in different feed machinery equipment and matters needing attention, and each feed machinery, such as feed pellet machine, mixer, feed hammer mill and other equipment structure, the working principle is not same and the operation also , but when the choose and buy, all of the devices have several thing in common:
First of all, according to the raw material .Both grinding, mixing and granulating, must according to different materials, such as straw, corn, soybean meal, green fodder, and even a mineral feed, etc., according to the grinding fineness demands, stir well, which can adjust the choose and buy.
Secondly, according to the production capacity .In addition to read manual carefully and mark for name brand, also is the rated capacity, and note the selected model production capacity should be slightly greater than the actual demand for your production capacity,to consider the feed machine wear and maintenance may cause production supply and halt.And should pay attention to when commissioning running-in equipment can stable operation.
Finally is considering factors, including way of discharge, energy saving and pollution condition.To ensure production and choosing the most energy-efficient feed device. Also given to improve the working environment, choose machinery with low noise and little dust , ensure the operator health.