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The Jinghai in tianjin sawdust particles complete sets of equipment return visit
We yulong machinery after-sales service the first stop is the sea of tranquility is located in the tianjin tianjin sharp biomass energy technology co., LTD. 
Jinghaicompany is located in tianjin's sawdust particles production equipment, by four centrifugal efficient sawdust particles into a unit.4-6 tons of yield can reach one hour.Production runs in a stable condition.
Yulong machinery is a professional wood pellet machine manufacturers, the company was founded in 1998, over the years, continuously developing, now has more than 500 employees, more than 20 product patents.We invented the centrifugal type efficient sawdust pellet machine is leading the market.Yulong after-sales team also build, now the site for free installation and debugging, training and guidance.
Our equipment in tianjin, hebei has a large number of users, this time we will visit several companies.
Reported in other parts of the pellet machine.Next we will go to tianjin beichen.