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The feed mill and mix machine
The pig feed crushing mixer just as the name suggests is a device that can be crushed and stirred. Is designed for farm households, small farmers design the most ideal feed processing equipment. 
The pig feed crushing mixer vertical feed lift, a mixing chamber, a horizontal feeding as a whole, has the advantages of simple structure, economy applicable, one-time investment of a lifetime, covers an area of small area advantage won popular with farmers.
The Machine Working principle:
The first machine crushing the straw, soybean meal, corn and other materials, by the conveyor belt was introduced into the unique dynamic suction feeding device, the crushed material can be placed in ground or digging a hole to put the material on the inside, the automatic suction device will be automatically expect mixing barrel, stirring, 
If the material is already a powder, you can directly from the other into the mixing tank, stirring, until all the material is stirred for about 20 minutes, stirring evenly can be directly out of the material. 
It should be noted here that we have a foot pedal, which can control the amount of material, easy to control.