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The difference when feed pellet machine working add steam and without steam
If the output more than 1T/H, it’s suggested that choose Ring die feed pellet machine. However some customers will have this question - what is the difference and benefits adding steam?
In the beginning of the pelleting, the material moisture content requirements about 10-15%, so the steam used to adjust the moisture of material and early ripening and softening material, also can make the output increase and reduce spare part wear.
The high temperature steam can kill harmful bacteria, and play a role in the prevention of disease.
The height of the curing material have good palatability, the animal especially like.
The pellet machine connect steam have many benefits, if customer have their own boiler, it’s OK, but if the customers need to buy the boiler supply the steam and add the modulator mixing steam and materials, in this way the cost is increased.
So the customers choose the pellet machine need according to own condition. Yulong machine company produce feed pellet machine since 1998, have the rich experience, model is full, and can quote good price, please contact us at your free time.