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The determination of pellet feed equipment process
1.The product type. Product type is determined by feeding requirements. For example, fish, ducks should be feed pellet feed, this is about to consider the proportion of pellet feed, set pressure system or keep out space for pressure system in case further use.
2. The feed machinery production capacity. Production capacity is small and simple product, can use a relatively simple process, such as artificial ingredients, crushing, batch mixing at a time. High capacity producing and product diversification, appropriate relatively complete technological process, such as crushing and secondary crushing, mechanical and electrical bang or electronic scale automatic proportioning, both a mixture of the feeds for powdery and pellet compound feed equipment, large feed mills not only in the production of compound feed, but can also produce concentrated feed and (or) premixed feed, in order to better meet the requirements of users, improve enterprise economic benefit and social benefit.
3.The feed formulation. Adopted by the different feed formula, raw materials (granular, powder, lump, rods, liquid materials, etc.) and the different proportion, is equipped with different device types and ability (such as crushing, metering, mixing, transportation and storage, etc.).
4. The factory way. Products factory way has two kinds of packaged and bulk. At present domestic most of the feed mills finished goods according to the bag factory. Bags of the need for packing machine, or the intensity of labor is big, the workshop with much dust, big feed loss, the high cost of products.The factory widely used in bulk in abroad, is worth using for reference.