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The correct use of complete feed pellet making line
In order to make the complete feed pellet making line running normally, to extend its life time and reduce the fault to improve the economic efficiency, the author put forward a few suggestions for reference.
Before installation, please check the installed base size is in accordance with the requirements according to the equipment layout and foundation drawing. If there are discrepancies, reparation should be done until the size is correct and then install it.
The equipment should be numbered before coming into installation work-site.  According to installation process sequence requirements, the installation process card and schedule should be made, then the equipment will be installed one by one.
Before running, the equipment should be checked by duty officer on duty.
There is no foreign matter fall into the machines; the rotating part is flexible, there is no jamming, touch phenomenon; the connection part is firm; there is no leakage of powder, air and oil. 
Raw material system start-up sequence: dust collector blower → crushing elevator →Horizontal conveyor→raw material crusher→Screen er→raw material elevator. If the raw material system is closed, the reverse process should be carried out according to the starting process.
A variety of trace elements, vitamins and so on will come into mixing machine from the feeding port according to the proportion. Mix one batch of materials, feed one time, input time for each batch of materials to start mixing, the control room given input signal, timely input.
Maintenance and service should be done according to the requirement of the machines. If no special requirements, bearing lubricating oil using ZG-3 calcium base lubricating oil, reducer lubricating oil using HJ-60 mechanical oil, if the room temperature below -10 degree, then HJ-20 mechanical oil will be used. The machines should have minor overhaul within half of one year and a heavy repair within one year. When minor overhaul, replacing oil, cleaning bearings, replacing the damaged parts will be done.
Motor weakness and motor overheating weakness may be due to phase breaker three-phase motor circuit, motor overheating may be due to motor internal short circuit or long-term overload operation. At this time should be timely stop, please electrician check electrical equipment or adjust the work load.