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The correct use and maintenance of the feed mixer
Feed mixer overall structure is simple: power + speed reducer, transmission part + stirring dragons + mixing box etc. Although parts for equipment is less, but every parts is very important. Turn in the process of mixing, stirring dragons and constant movement between various hours, have a powerful force and reacting force, when the force beyond design allows, destructive began to increase.
How to correctly operate mixing equipment, must read the instructions and earnestly implement in detail.Not according to the instruction manual operation, is the consequences of change should not replace parts ahead of time, such as transmission chain, sprocket, stirring after dragon bearing, conveyor belt, stir dragon serious wear broken, even more serious is that change gear, eventually increase the maintenance cost, and shorten the service life of the machine, delay the production.
Stir the dragon on the service life of the cutter blade, mainly related to such factors as the forage grass wet, length, variety, therefore, feed mixer daily inspection maintenance is particularly important.Using equipment specifications, to give full play to the efficiency;Strictly management level, to ensure that the service life of parts, prolong replacement interval.