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The common problems when using feed pellet machine
When using feed pellet machine, we often meet some questions. We usually do not know how to deal with. We conclude the below questions that usually meet.
1.The current is unstable. It is probably due to the gap between roller and ring die is not adjusted rightly or the raw material includes the crude fiber not even . It is also probably due to the conveyor belt is too loose. It depends on the situation.
2. The feed pellet machine can not start. At first we could check if the power supply is powered on. If not, we could check if the safety pin is broken. And if we do not close the door rightly, it also leads to the feed pellet machine could  not start.
3. Why the capacity of newly bought feed pellet machine is not big? It is probably because the new machine die hole finish is poor, or the raw material has too much water or too less water, or the V-belt slips. We could grind or lubricate the machine to increase the capacity, adjust the raw material moisture content or replace the V-belt.
4. Abnormal sound when using the machine. It probably because there is debris in the machine, or the bearing is broken, or the parts are loose etc. We could stop to check whether there is a hard object, replace the bearing, tighten loose parts.