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The benefits of poultry feed pellets

(1) pellet feed can improve the feed quality and palatability.   

(2) according to different feeding objects and demand, to choose the ideal feed shape and size, improve the food intake and speed and reduce the feeding time.  

(3)can adapt to a variety of different formulations of feed processing, to expand the sources of feed.    

(4) pressing feed pellets, high temperature, pressure reduction and disappearance of some toxic factor in a variety of bacteria and destruction of feed, the drug can be added to prevent disease, improve the survival rate.    

(5)feed pellets for easy packing, storage, perishable corruption.   

(6) feed pellets size and proportion, not stratified in the transport process, it can be to maintain the homogeneity of the feed. 
(7)suitable for mechanization and automation of feeding, and to improve feeding and working conditions.