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The benefits of feed pellets
The benefits of feed pellets:
① The feed pellets improve the quality of feed, good palatability.
② According to different animals and feeding needs, choose a more ideal shape and size of the feed. Increase the food consumption and speed,  reduce feeding time.
③ It can adapt to a variety of different formulations of feed processing, expanded sources of feed.
④ Pressing the pellets need higher temperature and pressure. It can reduce or eliminate various bacteria and destroy certain toxic feed factor. We can also add drugs to prevent the diseases, improve the survival rate.
⑤ The feed pellets are easy packing, storage, non-perishable corruption.
⑥ The feed pellets are uniform size and proportion. It is not hierarchical during transport. And it could maintain the uniformity of feed.
⑦ Suitable for mechanization and automation of feeding, breeding to improve working conditions.v