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Template mill commissioning success
Yulong machinery research and development of template grinder, electric commissioning.Commissioning effect is very successful, crushing effect is good, not afraid nails, high crushing efficiency.This template crusher of commissioning of the material is, building templates, wooden pallets and large piece of wood.No matter large or small pieces of material can be quickly shattered into sawdust, is suppression of sawdust particles prophase processing raw materials of good equipment.
Pulverizer adopts alloy cutting tools, reasonable structure design, durable, high and stable yield. Most template contains the metal objects such as nails, general mill is not broken, the machine specially designed templates, although looks like general sawdust machine, but have a strong core, can not afraid nails and other metal.
Template pulverizer is a kind of coarse broken equipment, crushing the material diameter is larger, if need to make sawdust particles, the removal of metal, into the mill powder. 
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