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Straw shredder Safety matters
Straw shredder Safety matters:
①, based on scale, buy the right model function, the appropriate power straw hammer mill.
②,After purchase grinder, having an operation professional training of skilled personnel.
③, the machine components to be strong, to meet the requirements, at the same time, the large machine may not be with a small motor, small machine can not be with large motors, engine speed to the right.
④, the operation site topography, the scale should be moderate for safe operation, handling.
⑤, during operation, to prevent iron tablets, stones and other objects accidentally immersed caused devastating damage to the machine according to the machine's performance, a steady stream into the straw, to keep the machine grinder blade sharp.
⑥, before the operation began, to make machine idle for 2 to 3 minutes, and found no abnormalities to smash into the straw, after the end of the operation the machine idle for 2 minutes to leave out all the debris inside the machine. After the crushing operation, clean up grinder, carry out maintenance, the next time I use to prepare the machine stored in a ventilated place.