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Straw pellet machine is corn straw feed equipment best selection
Why horizontal ring die pellet machine feed is not the best choice? Because of maize straw grass fiber is larger, accounts for about 70-90%, grass fiber, unlike concentrate, the proportion of grass fiber is lighter, and the horizontal machine feeding way is 90 degrees, make the difference in liquidity, easy resistance material. In addition, the mould rotation, the press pulley stationary, blocking the centrifugal flow in the direction of the material, material easy accumulation, stuffy car phenomenon, large shaft bending strain fracture.
Straw feed pellet machine high impermeability, good heat preservation, poor heat dissipation and easy to make feed, not suitable for biomass granules.
A class of crude fiber were recommended for everybody now feed pellet machine. Yu Long straw pellet machine, it is a specially developed for maize straw feed particles equipment, its advantage lies in
1, high speed, large output;
2, good sealing, suitable for making feed;
3, two knives, adjustable length, easy to operate;
4, granule on modulator can make the material aging, conducive to digestion; Softening material, mould wear small, to improve die life; High temperature materials are fully cure, the role of the modulator is still in the process of production the appropriate moisture, with reasonable make particles easily extrusion, improve equipment capacity; Material through high temperature sterilization, the animal is not sick;
Therefore, the corn straw stalk feed pellet machine equipment should choose yu long straw pellet machine, trustworthy.