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Straw feed mill
The straw feed mill has provided a great convenience for corn straw recycling, after continuous improvement, the structure of straw feed mill is more reasonable, technology is more mature, with the gradual improvement of performance, to provide a high efficiency, simple operation, stable performance is the main equipment in the process of straw recycling. 
In the work process of the straw feed mill, the crushing force of the crushing roller is used to crush the wheat and corn stalks, and the stress of the straw is more uniform, and the feed crushing is carried out,  the production efficiency of the straw crusher is greatly improved. With the development of technology, the demand of market diversification, the type and model of straw feed mill is also developed, which can deal with various kinds of crop stalks. In the annual harvest season, straw crushing has a remarkable performance in the process of. 
With the development of technology, the performance of the straw feed grinder is continuously improving, and the structure design is gradually simplified. It's broken principle is advanced, it is ensured that the granularity of the wood, and the damage caused by the metal material to the following conditions. Stable performance and good product quality, so that the straw crusher become the ideal choice of straw feed.