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Straw feed machine
Wide straw biological feed sources of raw materials, such as corn stalks, soybean straw, rice straw, peanut vine, sweet potato vine, livestock grass, rape straw, etc., made after the particles, high-density, high-capacity, conducive to the long-distance transport, to achieve a straw offsite digestion use, so the value of straw and rural incomes, agricultural development and to protect the ecological environment.
Straw feed processing technology is the use of straw by straw feed machine to crush, fermentation, granulation, and other technical measures to soften the lignin, crude protein, crude fiber, crude fat degradation into livestock easy digestion and absorption of substances, fermentation and produce large amounts of bacterial protein, crude protein, amino acids will increase the average level. Arginine, cystine, histidine levels have greatly improved, sugar and fat content increased, and produce B, D, E and other vitamins and growth factors, and other raw materials are mixed after the price of feed formulation sake, pressed into feed pellets reduced food inputs, saving feed costs, increased revenue keepers.
Straw or forage through biotransformation, and then straw feed machine high temperature and pressure so that the straw, grass cell tissue break times, the students become familiar, the release of vanilla and slightly sweet, crude fiber decomposition, the crude protein content increased 6%, lignin paste of water-soluble sugars increased, easy digestion and absorption, than corn stalks guillotine fed directly after cutting its digestibility increased by 25%, increasing the palatability of ruminants, feed rate of 100 percent, saving food and forage. Meanwhile processed into granules avoid animal debugging. There are a variety of materials with the feed formula, nutritious, prevents animals pick their favorite from the powder in, refusing to take the other ingredients of the phenomenon.