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Straw feed machine
Straw burning, not only cause serious air pollution, hazardous gases produced will damage our health, very easily lead to accidents, the impact of road transport and aviation safety. In addition, it may cause a fire, destroy the soil structure, soil organic matter decline and reduce yield potential. Straw is an important biological resource with high utilization value, it can make feed grain, cultivate edible mushrooms, prepared as biogas and charcoal, building materials processing of raw materials, can be used for biomass power generation, but also through the straw also Tian, ​​straw compost, straw gasification technology and other practical utilization, turning waste into treasure.
Straw have many useful application, today we are talking about the machine to make straw as feed pellet.straw pellet machine can effectively suppress crop waste, finished pellets no pollution, biomass fuel machine also make straw pellets as fuel. Achieve straw utilization, and sustainable market, guiding farmers to abandon incineration abuse, solve the air pollution problems. Straw feed pellet machine is to use corn stalks and other agricultural waste as a raw material to make feed pellet, the finished feed pellets soft taste, high nutritional, is the best feedstuff of livestock.