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Straw Feed Equipment
1. What is the straw feed:
The straw feed is after rubbing and crushing the grass and straw to the powder, add nutrients and other fine materials, mix to the complete feed, and then use the pellet machine to press to the feed pellet.
2. The straw feed advantages:
Better palatability: Improve the animal feed intake, shorten the feed time and reduce waste;
Stronger compression: 8 times volume decrease by granulation of straw, not only easy to transport and storage, but also greatly reduces food transportation costs. It is the best sheep ‘hard tack’;
Long storage time: The straw feed is not easy to mold and fire retardant in the summer. It is not only the best way of feed storage and fire reserves, but also the effective protection for cattle and sheep feed.
3.Straw feed significance:
Increase nutrition:After the bacteria enzyme fermentation of the straw, the
cellulose, starch, protein and other organic molecules degrade to the easy digestion and absorption monosaccharide, disaccharide and amino acids etc. small molecules. Then the stomach volatile fatty acids increase to make the  straw feed starch and cellulose been glycation. The nitrogen constitutes the   bacterium protein and growth enzyme to promote animal growth and disease resistance. At the same time it will produce and accumulate the nutrient-rich microbial cells and useful metabolites in the hair enzyme process to make the feed smell good. It will improve the animal organ function to increase the feed intake, improve livestock and poultry immunity, increase nutrition.