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Solving blockage method for animal feed pellet machine
Yulong company can supply you professional animal feed pellet machine which for making sheep pellet,is suitable for the growth of the sheep, there should be different raw material feeding according to the different growth stages of the sheep, make an example for raising lactation ewes, should be given priority to with green juicy feed (2/3), green hay or roughage straw complementary (1/3), and fill in the mixed concentrate.Forage grass (65%), mixed concentrate 35%.Mixed concentrate can be made from corn, wheat bran, 50% and 25% 20%, salt 3%, cake and bone powder 2%.
Then some customers buying another supplier’s feed pellet processing machine, after-sales service and product quality can't keep up with, lead to can't solve problems, no with after-sales service, so my company pay attention to the quality strives for the survival, with technology constantly expand the market, the concept of service for the purpose to make the masses for user dependency, the following to share how to use animal feed pellet machine without blockage.
Crushing degree requirements: 1. The material is to use roller and flat die pellet machine mould plate pressing into pellet, and raw material should be crushed, thiner material and better capacity.
2. The material can contain moisture: some particles machine in dry farming in dry out advertising actually the majority of the users try to know, material to the pellets containing water is the most like to eat animals, so contains a small amount of water is best.
3. The mixing uniformity control: if several material particles together to do the best to several kinds of material mixing.
4. The feeding speed control: reproduction of particles at the same time to control the feeding speed.
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