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Small straw feed pellet machine production advantage
Now use small straw feed pellet machine for straw processing is one of the very common method in agriculture and animal husbandry industry, especially small and medium-sized farms most benefit.The processing of straw particles can be instead of burning coal and oil as an energy source, animal feed, also can solved the problem of straw on the burning at the same time, make a great contribution to the reduction of haze weather.Small straw feed pellet machine rapid processing stalk feed has following advantages:
First, use of small straw feed pellet machine pellets moisture is very uniform, weight and size are almost the same, people is used had a very good measure, during the process of feeding, easy to digest and storing, for fuel can also  play a biggest role in boiler combustion.
Second, the small straw feed pellet machine can guarantee to produce pellets is pure natural, don't add any glue adhesion agent, to ensure the pellets quality .Guarantee the nutritional needs of livestock in the process of feeding。 Nowadays there are a lot of manufacturer add glue adhesion agent in the process of making machine, otherwise the pellets deformed.so the machine must pay more attention to when the choice, examine and compare the quality and performance of the machine, to ensure that animals to eat good, must carefully choose normal manufacturer.
Third, straw pellet machine contains integrated roller oiling device, the unique patented technology in the domestic and foreign counterparts , ensure each roller properly lubricating oil, there will be no oil leakage.Special design of the main shaft and air shaft, don't worry about the main shaft and air shaft deformation and fracture accidents.