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Small-sized Feed Pellet Machine
Feed pellet machine is more and more popular, particularly for small farms, very convenient to process powder into pellets. Under roller extrusion, the pellets are extruded from the die hole. Pellet length easily is adjusted, simple structure, small footprint, low noise, single-phase 220-volt power to operate for smallest pellet machine.
What are the advantages of processed feed pellets?
1. Let the starch in material become ripening, to produce a concentrated flavor, suitable for the biological features of pigs, cattle, sheep,to improve the feed palatability, easy to eat.
2. During feed pellet formation process,pancreatic enzyme resistance factor in cereals, legumes can play an efficient role, kill a variety of parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, reduce various parasitic diseases and digestive system diseases.
3. Feeding convenient, high utilization, easy to control the amount feed, save feed; clean and sanitary, especially fish, because the pellets dissolve in water very slow, will not be submerged sediment, so reduce waste.