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Small feed pellet machine popular reason
In 2015 first half year,YULONG design, production one small new pellet machine.  Our factory production small new pellet machine is popular in our consumer, after enter the market.after visiting many farmers,we investigation the reason why this machine so popular.now we summary the reason for this small feed pellet machine so popular.
1.structure simple,Small footprint, low noise.zhonglu pellet machine the smallest model is HKJ250 ring die pellet machine,capacity is:0.6-1.5t/h.structure simple,small footprint,suitable family use enough yourself.
2.low price,widely use. Usually small feed pellet machine price is thousands yuan,farmers can buy and widely use,not only use stalk make feed pellets, but also can make pig feed pellets, rabbit feed pellets, chicken feed pellets etc.
3.because the small feed pellet machine require the raw material moisture high, so the raw material moisture usually at15-20%, the pellets is  beautiful and can store long time.
4.New style small feed pellet machine the conditioner function make the pellets hardness,surface smooth,Degree of internal curing relatively well,Curing materials fully, can improve digestion and absorption of nutrients
5.The device has 20 kinds of aperture mold, adapted to different materials, granulation, to achieve the best results.
6.To adapt to different materials to ensure the suppression effect, wood chips, corn stalks and other compression molding requires a lot of pressure in the same granulation equipment, roller parts are the center of the device components, and the use of high-quality steel, improve the roll wheel of life.
On the current particle processing market, are based on small and medium plants, hence the small pellet feed processing machines favored by individual and small-scale farmers, coupled with the many advantages YULONG pellet feed processing machine, believe feed processing industry in the future is absolutely no problem selling.