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Shandong Xintai Feed Pellet Production Line Successful Testing
From Xintai, Taian, Shandong Zhennong Pigs Cooperatives Mr. Zhou ordered a Feed Pellet Production Line at the end of May. Less than a month, this line has been delivery and installed well. Look at the test site:
Feed pelleting general process: screening --- iron removing --- grinding --- mixing---pelleting--- cooling--- broken --- screening --- packaging. Because of space, this line is divided into two layers. The host is one set ring die pellet mill, Yulong Ring Die Pellet Mill is mainly used in the feed industry. Pellets at high temperature pressing to kill a large number of bacteria, animals eat without getting sick, and easy to digest.
Yulong Machine specialized in manufacturing pellet mill for 17 years, cover with Biomass Energy Industry, Feed Industry and Fertilizer Industry. Welcome to visit our factory to test the machine!