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Self- maintenance during chicken feed mixer operation
With the development of modern science and technology, the feed processing also has a rapid development. The kind and the role of feed mixer devices are more and more diverse. In order to make the feed equipment have the longer life, we not only maintain the equipment , also note the use of the method . Our Yulong customer case to simple analysis .
There was a medium-sized farm. Their chicken feed mixer has been used for many years.But now the time for beating the material is much more than before. Before 40 minutes are enough, now more than two hours. The main reason is the corn is too slow , but could not find the reason. Then there are more flour. There is very thick layer of flour in the outlet of the bag only within 2-3 minutes. The air inside the machine couldn’t get out. Maybe it is also one of the reasons affecting the speed. But do not know the solution. Through this case, we can see the use of this feed device after years has been aging , coupled with the lack of regular maintenance , chicken feed mixer certainly does not work properly. So the best solution is to change the equipment . The farm owner came to Yulong and pick up 1set feed pellet making unit,  including chicken feed mixer, hammer mill and bag dust collecting equipment etc. Now the capacity reaches 3t/h after changing the equipment. It solved the problem of more chickens but less feed.
Feed making unit in daily use should pay attention to the mixer cleanliness and adding oil. Use the brush to brush off surface dirt, then add appropriate heating oil, clean the mixing etc. After working for some time, the feed machine should be checked regularly, especially chicken feed mixer device. It is a bridge connecting ingredients and granulation , uneven mixing directly affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the granulation , small details can not be ignored .