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Selection of fiber feed pellet machine
Now the more users need to do the coarse fiber feed pellet machine, but the use effect of the conventional horizontal ring is not so good. Why is the long history horizontal ring die feed pellet machine is not the best choice? Because the crude fiber is larger, about 70-90% of the grass fiber is different from the fine material, the proportion of grass fiber is lighter, and the horizontal machine is 90 degrees feeding , so that the material flow is poor, easy to resist. In addition, rotary die and pressure wheel static, blocking materials, centrifugal flow direction, accumulation of material easily, nausea caused by the phenomenon of vehicle, shaft bending strain fracture. 
The horizontal feed pellet machine has the characteristics of high tightness, good insulation, poor heat dissipation, easy to make animal feed pellet,  not suitable for biomass granulation. 
we recommend a kind of coarse fiber feed pellet machine. XGJ series centrifugal high efficiency series feed pellet machine, this machine is specially designed for rough fiber material. The advantage of this kind of machine is: 
1. The vertical feeding, not easy to be blocked; 
2, vertical mold static installation; Double-layer 
3, the roller working at high speed, the centrifugal force generated, so that the material evenly distributed; 
4, two sets of lubrication system, ensure the equipment running sufficient lubrication; 
5, cooling and dedusting, achieve the granulation chamber temperature effect, reduce the components high temperature grease overflow or product carbon agglomerate, destruction of the operation of the lubrication system.