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Selecting the appropriate feed pellet mill
Zhangqiu Yulong Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, its main products feed pellet mill, pellet production line, feed hammer mill, feed mixer, feed cooler and a series of feed pellet making equipment. Feed pellet mill is very common now, because more practical. Feed pellet mill is more and more favored by the peasant farmers in rural areas. And now more and more types of feed pellet mill on the market, Species Diversity.
1, according to the capacity to choose. 
General pellet machine capacity is calculated by each hour, sometimes production 100-200 kg flat mode skj150 type 200-300 kg skj200 300-500 kg skj250 and 400-600 kg skj280 these is small pellet machine in a little big.These pellet machine is a small farmers home use, some production 800-1200 kg hkj250 ring die pellet machine for small processing plant.
2, according to crush raw material . 
If you want common good, to crush grain, you can choose tangential feed of hammer mill.Crushed shells, minerals such as feed, the choice of shells without sieve mill. If used as a premix feed before processing, request product grinding particle size is very fine and can be adjusted as needed, should use special free screening mill, and so on.
3, depending on how the layout options. S
mall stand-alone use self - cutting ways to simplify the structure. Most of the medium-sized pig feed pellet mill with negative pressure suction - send device, benefit is that you can suck water production, reducing the finished products in the wet- And good for storage, improving grinding efficiency of 10-15, dust - to reduce the crushing chamber.
4, according to the necessary power to choose. 
Pig feed pellet mill instructions and sticking it on the nameplate set out in matching number of motor power kw. It is often that is not a fixed number but have a certain range.The crushed material varieties not required to power at the same time there are large differences, when swapping with different mesh, crusher has a big impact loads.
5, according to the energy conservation status options. 
According to the standards of the relevant departments, pig feed grains in the grinding corn with a diameter When 2 mm mesh sieve, shall not be less than 48 kg of production per unit.
6, according to the dust and noise choice.
Feed processing mainly from the dust and noise of pig feed pellet mill. Selection of the two sanitation indicators should be fully taken into account.If you have to and use of noise and dust high mill silencers and dust control measures should be taken to improve the working environment, conducive to the health of the operator.
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