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Relations between the feed mixer and cows
With the development of animal husbandry, but also there are many problems, such as animal husbandry structure of the dairy industry to the weakest. Livestock production area is not digging feed resources utilization potential depth, quality and safety of animal products cause less supply. Therefore, the quality and quantity of livestock feed has been further demand for this problem. The mixer is an important feed processing equipment, feed quality and economy in which the crucial role.
With increased investment in agricultural machinery, the government has increased the importance of rural issues and investment, more and more agricultural machinery production and research. Feed mixer also serves as an agricultural machinery into millions of households. Feed mixer is for rural farm households, small farms and small sized feed processing equipment feed plant design, the same can also be stirred putty powder, chemical raw materials have very good results. Feed mixer set vertical lifting, mixed positions, the level of input materials as a whole, has a simple structure and compact, one-time investment is small, economical and practical, easy maintenance, no special production facilities, etc.
In our weakest Cow, for example, the use of feed mixer can feed auger after repeated stirring auger slow speed, stir, which feed fiber damage small, longer retention of nutrients in feed. And feed after mixing hardly cakes, soft palatability, increased appetite cows and help digestion. Cow feed mixer is an essential mixing tools, capable of stirring a high quality feed, thus increasing milk production and improving the quality of milk.