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Price of Feed grain machine
Small household feed particle machine is specifically for the production of small family to use, especially those of livestock and poultry breeding specialized households, suitable to the rural. 
Small feed pellet mill is made of advanced technology at home and abroad. Small feed grain machine extrude pellet through the pressure between the  mold plate and roller, the pellets come out from the mold hole. the pellets is out through the dump and hopper. the blade can adjust the length of the particles.
The mould and roller of the small feed particle machine is made of high alloy wear-resistant material, which has the advantages of long service life, reasonable structure, strong and durable, etc.. 
Small feed particle machine linked by shaft to make particles which use of high-tech technology is much more advance than the original belt drive . 
The machine does not need to add any water belong to dry in and out series. 
Manufacturing this machine to meet those small farmers need, while particles can be kept for a long time, at least half a year. at the same time small feed particle machine   also play a role in sterilization in the operation of the process . The maximum temperature of 75 degrees, you can kill microbial strains, but also will not affect the material. 
According to the method of using the pig, cattle, sheep, chicken, rabbit, fish and other livestock and poultry. Production process of green bio organic fertilizer production by microbial treatment of livestock and poultry manure.
For feed particle machine price, market fish eye is jumbly, prices, according to the yield can be divided into small, medium, large, general small grain feed machine price between 10-30 thousand, 
Price is different according to the manufacturers, reputation, quality and after-sales is different .