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Pig feed pellet machine
Zhangqiu Yulong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of feed pellet machinery, pig feed pellet machine, feed pellet complete sets of equipment, many users when purchases of pig feed pellet machine, they don’t understand, and not know more for the mechanical equipment , also do not know how to choose better and more precious machine, so blind to production when they are not familiar with machine. Cause a lot of problems in the production process, bring a lot of trouble, while choose a good feed pellet machine, it is better to go to a regular large-scale professional feed pellet machine manufacturers to choose good and quality assured machine. Now we will simply explain to you how to identify true and false of the feed pellet machine? Hope it is helpful to you, the if still not understand questions, please call us. 
1. Does not meet the requirements of the feed pellet machine
On feed pellet machine transmission parts, when purchasing, it need to check if with safety shield and if the shield in the place, many of the manufacturers in order to save costs to increase their profits, will not install security guards in the production. In later operating process, it is prone to the risk of safety hazard. When Purchase, pls make sure no any part which cause bodily harm, to sure with the warning signs. Must check clear when purchasing. 
2. Material does not meet the requirements
In production, use some waste materials instead of regular materials. Cost savings, these waste materials in plastic process often cause stress concentration, partial crack and internal injuries.caused a lot of security risks for machine operation. 
3. Pay attention whether it is no manufacturer, no address, no certificate products
In the purchase, pls check if the machine no name, no address, no product certification. These are not formal, regular manufacturers, completion of production, will make clear name, address and production certificate.