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Palm Tree Trunks Pellet
Malaysia has lots of Palm tree trunks, The trunks of palm tree can safely fit into a few basic categories: Those covered with fibers and possibly spines ,rough or smooth texture, and those that have their trunk grow underground.

Both the fibers and the spines can be different lengths, colors and textures. It will all depend on the type of tree.A tree famous for its spines on the trunk is the zombie palm. It is native here in the Dominican Republic.
Palm tree trunks are absolutely amazing in their ability to bend and flex in hurricane force winds without breaking.There can be large differences in the ones that grow above ground even though they are in the same category. Let's take a quick look at the palm tree trunks that have fibers covering them.There are quite a few and more often than not they belong to the fan leaf part of the family.The windmill palm is has the fibers and spines. It's hard to tell exactly what the trunk looks like underneath.