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Organic fertilizer production line
  Now our life is always related with organic thing, like organic vegetables, organic cauliflower and organic fruit etc. Now is the time of green healthy organic. These natural pollution-free organic thing are cultivated by the organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer is food of the fruit and vegetable. The organic fertilizer made a great contribution in the development of green healthy foods. The organic fertilizer makes a big wave of emergence of the organic fertilizer equipment.

  Our organic fertilizer production line makes the organic fertilizer pellet machine as the primary, matched with the hammer mill, mixer, dryer, cooling machine, screener and other auxiliary equipment. We could choose the suitable model according to the capacity. Flexible investment, low risk. It is the best ideal pellet machine to change the manure to the gold. It could reach pollution-free, odor-free, economic and environmentally friendly high efficiency.

  During the progress of the time,the organic fertilizer equipment has got a good development. The companies are also deeply aware of the better development, we should improve the technology strengthen the innovation.