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Low Efficiency reason of Animal feed crushing mixer
Why is animal feed crushing mixer efficiency low ? feed making process starts from crushing, after crush then mix, analyze as below:
When materials goes into crusher, by striking of hammers ,crush materials into powder at once, then move out by centrifugal force through bottom sieve hole, firstly notify as below:
1. Firstly make sure feed crushing mixer must have ground connection and electric leaking protection equipment, ensure workers safe. 
2. when machine works, cannot use briquettes to touch machine, cannot open machine door, like washer, cannot open cover when dry washing.
3.when machine work long time , feeding door maybe block, cannot use hand or briquettes to force feeding, in case dangerous happen. Then stop machine temporarily to clear feeding door firstly. 
According to normal operating and maintain process, feed crushing mixer life and working efficiency will increase so much. If happen problems which cannot resolve by ourselves, can contact our after order service staff, we must give satisfied answer .