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Large stalk feed pellet machine, cow feed pellet machine
Stalk feed pellet machine contain: large, middle, small feed pellet machine. Large feed pellet machine large dimension, high capacity, good function. Large stalk feed pellet machine move flexible, can be with motor and diesel, customer can choose with motor, with diesel engine or tractor. Large stalk feed pellet machine easy operation, only need one worker, feed and cut material, pelletizing at one machine, easy working, Save materials, and more safe. 
The advantages: 
High capacity, low price, low consumption. 
Suitable various kind raw materials. All Stalk which with size powder or <8mm, moisture 5-30% can be make the feed pellets. 
Automatic electrical heating device. Can adjust the materials humidity, resolve the materials stock and hard pelletizing problems. 
4. Pressure roller automatic adjustment function, using the principle of bi-directional rotation of the thrust bearing automatically adjust the pressure angle, so that the materials are not crowded groups, not boring machine, to ensure the stability of the material forming.
5. Simple using, convenient operation, full automation, less labor, manual feeding or automatic feeding conveyor. 
6, large stalk feed pellet machine make the pellets high hardness, smooth surface, good internal curing degree, can raise poultry nutrition digestion absorption, and can kill pathogenic microorganism and parasite, suitable for rabbits, fish, duck, goose, cattle, cattle and other animals. Than the mixed powder feed can obtain higher economic benefits. 
7, large stalk feed pellet machine have the 2.5 ~ 8 mm mould, can adapt to different materials for granulation, can achieve the result of customer satisfaction. 
8, large stalk feed machine, sheep feed pellet machine ensure the suppression effect, maize stalk materials need high pressure, in the similar granulating equipment, roller are the "heart" parts, made of high quality alloy steel, not only improve the work efficiency, and enlarge the life time. 
9, the processing of cattle and sheep feed pellet process: crush - transport - pellet machine- finished products .