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Inspection and replacement of feed hammer mill hammers
Hammers is spare parts of feed hammer mill, it can effect hammer mill quality and capacity, It should be replaced in time when wearing out. 
Hammers is symmetric group installation, when sharp corner of hammers blunt, hammers can be reverse to use; If one end is wearing out, you should turn around use. When transferred to or back, should be performed at the same time, all corners of hammer is wearing out, shall all be replaced, and pay attention to each group of two opposite hammer weight should be equal, the total weight of group shall not exceed 5 grams. Spindle, hammer frame plate, locating sleeve, pin shaft installed, should do dynamic balance test, in order to keep the balance of the rotor, prevent the unit vibration. In addition, when the pin shaft wear compared to the original smaller than 1 mm in diameter, hole hammer frame plate grinding large than the original size 1 mm in diameter, shall promptly replace the pin.