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How YULONG mechanical feed pellet machine?
The selection of the feed pellet machine, many intended customers are inquire about , how was the YULONG mechanical feed pellet machine?
YULONG machinery is the domestic feed grain machine old enterprises, is the national one of the industry standard makers of feed pellet machine, feed mixer, feed crusher , in the industry have many customers and good reputation at home and abroad.Through a case can explain YULONG mechanical feed pellet machine high quality performance.
ShanDong BinZhou friendship feed co.,ltd in November 2006 purchasing the YULONG of the complete sets of equipment to produce 2-5 tons chicken pig feed particles , so far, has been normal operation for more than nine years in a row, still yield stability, reliable performance, can realize the daily 22 hours of continuous operation, and the feed pellet machine in maintenance cost and parts cost is not higher than twenty thousand yuan.Because he used the steam, the feed pellet machine mould service life has 800-1600 long hours, more than we promise the service life 500-1200 hours , and thus save a lot of labor cost.For our after-sales service, they are also recognized.Although our feed pellet machine promised free 3 packets within a year, but such a long time, we have been uninterrupted service, this led to our feed pellet machine model project, and  came in to visit an endless stream.At the same time, it is this high quality products and professional service, make the follow-up of feed pellet machine order.
Visit old customers, to view the new product, you can know how YULONG mechanical feed pellet machine! Feed pellet machine old enterprise YULONG machinery welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit, Study selection