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How to Use the Corn Stalks to Make the Pellets
When the harvest season , many farmers will go to the field to do the direct acquisition of corn stalks to make the pellets for feeding the livestock. But green stalks are green and have large water,it is not suitable for the livestock. In fact, the farmers purchase the corn stalks for store. They will make the feed pellet after some time storage. There are many tips for the storage. Please find below.   If we would like to use the straw to make the feed pellet, firstly the straw should have a certain sugar content, at least 1 % to 1.5%. Corn stalk, sorghum stalk and sweet potato vine are all contain the right amount or more soluble carbohydrates. They are relatively good silage. 
Secondly, the straw should have moderate water content. For the feed pellets , the moisture 15% -20 % is available. Too dry or too wet, not only affects the forming rate , but also loss the nutrients.
Thirdly, we should crude crush the straw. It is easy to store, and not easy to mildew caused by bacterial fungal growth.  
Fourthly, after the crush is seal. It is a very important step to prevent water and air leakage. If the feed is more close to the straw original color, the better quality. If the color is brown or dark green, the quality is poor. The normal silage has an acid flavor. With rot or mildew flavor, the quality is poor..  Good storage is more convenient for the usage. To use the straw pellet machine to press the feed pellet for feeding the animals, it is nutritious and environment protecting.