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How to reduce the loss of feed pellet processing machines
Machine working will inevitably encounter some consumption, "loss" can not avoid, we should try to reduce the loss of the machine, let's explore the issue under the machine's loss:
1, in the production process, due to the material be grinding produce a lot of heat can not be distributed, so that resulting material is too dry, may lead to fire, greatly reduce the grinding efficiency, therefore, feed pellet processing machine manufacturers suggest users regular monitoring the material temperature before and after grinding, avoid accidents, reduce equipment wear and tear.
2, in the production process, fine dust run drain phenomenon, not only bring the loss but also not good for environment, Yulong feed pellet processing machine during operation will be equipped with a dust removal device, can effectively reduce dust scattered drain, to ensure that the good working environment.
3, some raw materials resulting in a loss of water during storage, particularly in the corn stalks, too little water content also affect to crush and pelletizing ability, resulting in losses.
4, feed pellet processing machine moisture losses in the pelletizing process is very important, so we usually monitoring moisture content of the finished pellets and semi-finished products, analysis and comparison.
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