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How to feed the sheep straw pellet machine selection
How to feed the sheep straw pellet machine selection. With the rapid development of mechanization of the times and people's living standards improve, now with straw pellet machine feed user needs to do more, but when the people in the choice of equipment are often confused and unable to start. Our sheep feed straw pellet machine, for example, to talk about the selection problems feed pellet machine.
Like conventional horizontal ring die pellet mill feed effect but not so good. Why historic horizontal ring die pellet mill feed is not the best choice? Because crude fiber feed grass fibers accounted for the larger, accounting for as much as 70-90%, unlike fine grass fiber material, the proportion of grass fibers of light, and the horizontal plane is 90 degrees feeding mode, so that the material illiquid , easily blocking material. In addition, the mold is rotated, the pressure wheel stationary, blocking the flow direction of the material centrifuged, easy to accumulate material, resulting in stuffy car phenomenon, shaft bending fracture strain.
Horizontal feed particle machine of high tightness, good insulation, heat dissipation is poor, feed and easy to do, is not suitable for biomass pellets. Now we recommend a class of coarse fiber feed particle machine. Yulong ring mold particle machine, which is a specially developed equipment for the feed grain, he has the advantage of
1, high speed, large output;
2, sealed good, suitable for feed;
3, two knives, adjustable length, easy to operate;
4, the particle machine modulator capable of curing the material, which will help animals digest; softening materials, mold wear, improve die life; under high-temperature materials are fully matured, the role of the modulator is still in the production process plus an appropriate reasonable moisture, so that particles are easily extruded, improve equipment productivity; material through high-temperature sterilization, animals do not get sick;
Thus, the sheep feed straw pellet machine equipment selection Yulong brand horizontal ring mold particle machine, trustworthy.