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How to effectively use the wheat and corn straw
When the crop harvest, a lot of wheat and corn straw are stocked in the field. The burning is forbidden. The farmers do not know how to use effectively. The straw goes mouldy. It will cause the resource waste and air pollution. The best way to deal with this problem is to make the straw to the animal feed. While the wheat and corn straw includes much crude fiber. The animal feed is hard to digest. So we could press the straw to the animal feed pellet.
Our company straw animal feed pellet mill could press the corn straw, wheat straw, grass meal and fine animal feed etc. to the animal feed. During the pellet making, this ring die pellet mill could soften and cure the raw material through the high temp. The finished pellets are easily to digest. And the animal will not be sick after the high temperature sterilization. This method could use the straw effectively, protect the environment and bring the economic benefit.