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How to choosing feed pellet machines?
In feed production, we often deal with granular feed equipment. At present, it is one of the important equipment for the production of feed particles in the market. Then give you a brief introduction on how to choose the quality of the feed pellet machine, to ensure the efficiency of your production and improve the provision of protection!
1, choose the use of cardiac pressure adjustment structure device, this kind of can adapt to different materials, to ensure the effect of suppression.
2, carefully check the roller parts, which is the heart of the whole device, the best selection of high quality alloy steel roller, can effectively improve its service life, and adapt to different material granulation, can achieve the best results.
3, want to buy in the local area to promote the use of more models, see the actual use of results, to buy when there are more accessories supplier to the appropriate.
4, according to the type of feed equipment due to raw materials and different models should be chosen.
5, feed equipment is an important factor in the formation of feed quality, return and other cost. Therefore, the appropriate control of the crushing technology, the selection of appropriate crushing machine is a problem that can not be ignored.
6, buy feed equipment machine capacity is slightly larger than the actual needs of the production capacity, hammer wear, duct air leakage can be avoided due to the decrease in its production capacity of equipment, feed, thus affecting the feed equipment of continuous production and supply.
7, the feed equipment, the quality and services are affecting its price, so in the purchase of feed equipment to consider the price of this factor, we must put the quality and service of these two factors to consider.