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How to choose Corn straw pellets machine
Zhangqiu YULONG machine co., LTD., 17 years development, has been committed to the three major industries, feed, fertilizer and fuel ,it has large feed complete sets of production lines at home and abroad. Feed mainly concentrate at first, then slowly change xinjiang nomadic grazing in captivity, so the grass and corn straw crude fibre added to concentrate.
The feed pellet machine selection as follows,
Concentrated feed choose horizontal ring die pellet mill ,high viscosity materials, heavy, than the major, high speed, good heat preservation, big capacity, high efficiency, no more than seventy percent in add toppings can choose horizontal ring die pellet machine.
Accounted for more than seventy percent grass meal of raw materials recommend choose vertical ring die or flat die pellet machine.Low capacity of home users can choose the flat die pellet machine。 Pellet formation rate, capacity and smoothness can be guaranteed, and convenient operation, simple maintenance. High production users recommend centrifugal efficient pellet machine, which combines the advantages of ring die and flat die, adopts the ring mould, the structure of the flat die for granulated, high stability, operation convenient, more conducive to crude fiber granules.
Users in the selection of feed pellet machine is important to identify all kinds of raw material utilization ratio, manufacturers recommend the best suitable model.On corn straw feed pellet machine in xinjiang have five tons of production lines, in Inner Mongolia has forage feed grain machine production line, users are over the word .Products cover all over the world.YULONG focus of feed industry, there are three kinds of machines are suitable for feed industry, the specific professional recommended to the user according to the production and raw material corresponding to the model, the rich market experience, professional technical force, the stability of the equipment performance, choose the YULONG brand will let you use the rest assured, automatic lubrication, high quality, high stability.
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