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How choose the sheep feed pellet machine?
Accompany with the mechanical time develop quickly and people’s life better, now more and more people use feed pellet machine make feed pellets, but many people do not know how choose the the suitable feed pellets. now we talking how choose the sheep feed pellets.
Actually like the ring-die feed pellet machine using effect did not well. why the long history ring-die feed pellet machine did not is the best choice? Because the crude fibre have more occupy larger proportion.
The ring die feed pellet machine did not suitable press crude fibre.
Now we recommend one YULONG feed pellet machine.
YULONG feed pellet machine have the next advantage.
1. high speed, large capacity.
2、good in sealing.
3、easy control two knife can adjust length .
4、the pellets can cure, it is good for the feed animals 
 So the sheep feed pellet machine is the best choice for you choose.